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Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Milk Drunk posted at 4:08 AM | 0 Noticed Me

Hmmm...been decades eh, since i updated my blog..hahhaa...now, in the middle of the night, at Toa Payoh Fire Post, im sitting here with my laptop, tapping onto the post's or whoever's internet network, with no ambulance calls, typing this out..hahahhaa.....

Had 2 calls earlier, both chest p'ain, and one of them had a maa faan daughter to talk to...Haiyaa.....well, the rest are "resting" or rather sleeping..hahaha...well, usually, i'de be sleeping too..hehhee...

well, following up on my love-life, it went through an unexpected turn..hehe...turns out, he was into me after all...since the time that i didnt even realise...before mock-test he say..hehehe....wow..that was quite some time ago..i tot it was a "one sided love affair" haha...just like how it was sung by elvis presly...hmmm..now, after a series of events, we are together..and im loving every moment of it..i love you sayang. My one and only Abang Duckie:) Muackss..

hmm..but it has been difficult for us to go out and spend time together...his and my shifts are never the same..though we have 1 day same shift, but at the end of the day, we both are too tired to go anywhere...its always his 1st day, and my last day shift...if im having my off, he will be having his night..when he is having off, ill be having my night..so thats the onli time we can spend time together; though either one of us has to sacrifice our time sleeping to spend time with each other..i dnt mind at all :) as long as im with him..hee....he says the same too..so, it may be true when they say that love can conquer all eh? haha...so, most of the time, ill go over to his hs to spend time together, cos its too tiring to go out..haha..will end up sleeping...both of us i mean..haha! cos both too tired..

hmm....another thing is, i miss the V Club babes :( gurlss....i miss u guys soo much....starbucks and laksa....hmmm...well, soon k babes :) muakss..

Sunday, May 10, 2009
Milk Drunk posted at 1:49 AM | 0 Noticed Me

Hmmm....i know this as a fact. and i know that this is what i must and must not do. but i cant avoid doing it. Ive attached myself too much to him...He's someone who ive gotten close to, someone who i share my feelings with, someone who would listen to me.

I thought i could carry on this way; manja with him, sweet talk a lil...

Now i realise, how can i do this. i am being such a bitch. Hes into someone else! dont i get that?! dont make myself regret by going in further into something which i know that is impossible.
Im glad to have known him. that gentleman..haha...and i do pray that he's happy with her :)


Saturday, May 09, 2009
Milk Drunk posted at 8:31 AM | 0 Noticed Me

i miss you. i miss you when u left. i miss you wen i cant see you. i miss you wen i hear your voice. i miss you wen i see ur picture. i miss you even wen i was just with you. i miss you now.

my heart thuds erratically when im with you. and it pumps so fast i feel like ive just ended a marathon run. when im not with you, just thinking of you, my heart rate shoots up to 100 beats per minute. And i could feel it beating hard against my chest wall..

Now, i feel, i am going too far in. Its one sided, i would agree very much. And i know that if i go too far in, ill get hurt very badly. Looking back, it hurts me too much. Now. i dont want the same thing to happen. I just pray that i wont go too far in. Please.


Tuesday, May 05, 2009
Milk Drunk posted at 10:09 PM | 0 Noticed Me

:] SUPER BIG GRIN...heheheheh..im happy today:)

I had a great time out with my babes today..hehe..n yesterday:)
Yesterday went swimming with Mel at toapayoh swimming complex at arnd 7pm...then head to makan at forks n spoons...
Today, is Hidayah's birthday!! wooohoo..happy 21st birthday my dear! muakkmuakksss...
Anway, me n mel headed of to HSA, so that i could go and donate my blood..haha..shes soo patient..waited for me outside there...while i was inside, letting them suck my blood out...hahah!

Then, we left for Joo Seng warehouse, to go buy my FBT sports stuffs:) soo happy! hahahha...got my FBT shorts, and top! hehehe..got a set of 1 black top, n 1 red top+ shorts for Kelvin, a pair of soccer shorts for Fithri; Ashiff's sister, and Mel bought a set of black Top+shorts too:)

I bought 1 black top, and 2 shorts, 1 black, and 1 red. hehehehe.....so happy:) go to the blogshops so maa fan....so irritating the girl...haha...

Then, we left for bugis, had a quick bite at KFC, and jalan2 at bugis village, and waited for Dayah..haha...then, found out the place was kinda in a renovation mode. so nth much to look at..hahaha...
Dayah came, went back to KFC, cos Dayah was hungry:)haha...then headed off to Novena, pizza hut. Faizan blanja!! woohoo! hahahah...well, i had a great time:) will upload the pics soon...hahaa...

Friday, May 01, 2009
Milk Drunk posted at 11:00 PM | 0 Noticed Me

hmm.... at last. i can really see that im trying. trying soo hard to let go. i cant believe ive deleted all pictures of him from my phone..
haa! at last! and ive taken off the rings that i either wore it on a chain around my neck, or on my finger. im still gathering the courage to delete off his msgs. When i read tem again, i feel my heart wrenched..but i know and i admit that its really over.

I also realise, i do like AK. hahahha...wat he msged me on Friday night was something that shocked me. But i liked it. I would admit to that..*blushes* hee!~

but i dnt want it to end the same way. God i beg you. Please.